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Long-term solutions needed for flooding and drought

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Re: Construction to begin on flood mitigation project west of Calgary, May 5

It looks like climate change is going to present challenges. We will cycle between floods and drought.

Building a dam that will hold water temporarily during a flood will only solve half of the problem. In the future, Calgary and southern Alberta are going to be short of water because of drought conditions. Building structures that would control flood conditions and retain the water for use in times of drought are required. Springbank dam is a good example. As the population increases, the problem will only get worse.

Retaining excess water during wet conditions will help during the dry conditions that are sure to follow and probably increase because of climate change. Time for the City of Calgary to get moving on this problem.

Dan Robinson, Calgary

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Return abortion issue to individual states to decide

Re: ‘A fundamental shift’ in U.S. jurisprudence; Leak of draft top court opinion spurs concern that abortion is just the first ‘basic right’ to be targeted, May 4

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that defines abortion as a basic right. It isn’t even mentioned. Overturning Roe v. Wade does not overturn the right to abortion. What it does do is return the decisions about abortion laws to where they belong, to the legislative bodies of the country. The Supreme Court does not make laws, it just interprets them.

There is more than enough division and animosity in the U.S. already without allowing Roe v. Wade to stir it up even more. Considering how diverse the country is culturally and ethnically, it is best to let the legislative bodies of the individual states decide how to proceed with abortion.

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The people in New York should not be forcing their attitudes on the people of Texas, and vice versa.

Peter Mannistu, Calgary

Trump just getting started – again

The imminent landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe vs Wade, and with it deprive all American women of the right to abortion, and thus the right to control their own bodies, is just further evidence of Donald Trump’s continuing, and growing, hold on conservative America.

Once his conservative forces seize control (as they are likely to) of both houses of Congress later this year in the mid-terms, and he or his loyal supplicant regains the Oval Office in 2024, it’ll be 2016-2020 all over again.

He and his team continue to curry public opinion in their favour by utilizing lying, algorithmic-based social media feeds to strengthen his hold on, and his message to, millions of unsuspecting and pre-biased masses who call the key electoral states home. He and his team have also secured massive voter-suppression legislation in those states with Republican governors who support his agenda.

Now, all we’re waiting for is more mindless, barnstorming, flag-waving rallies to stoke his polarized masses to victory.

Bob Mackan, Strathmore

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Playoff run could help Flames pay for arena

It’s good to see the Flames in the NHL playoffs. I hope they play a lot of games here at home. They can invest all that extra revenue in a privately funded arena and leave us taxpayers alone.

Michael Jones, Calgary

Catholic Church should sell land for reparation

For their actions in residential schools, the Catholic Church has a financial responsibility to Indigenous People. Their bishops have so stated.  Fortunately, many churches have extra land. Holy Spirit on 24th street S.W. is an example. This land and other extra church lands could be sold to raise money for Indigenous Peoples.

To encourage this action, only land for church buildings, parking and surrounding gardens should be tax-exempt. All other church lands should be taxed.

Harry Stroud, Calgary

Inconvenience blamed for deaths

The Herald reports that 69 Albertans died from COVID in the last weekly reporting period.

That’s 10 Albertans a day sacrificed because some businesses, and the UCP government, don’t want the bother of requiring staff and patrons to wear masks.

Mike Priaro, Calgary

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