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Weigh the risks against benefits

Re: Calgary airport-downtown-Banff passenger rail link step closer to reality, Dec. 8

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 We need to see  all the “hidden” costs behind a new Calgary-Banff train proposal.   

Using existing infrastructure could save time and material costs, but does not consider those who call the Bow Valley home – including wildlife. The region between Morley (Mînî Thnî) and Banff is continentally significant for wildlife connectivity, including grizzly bears, wolves, and elk.  

Canmore and Banff are being loved to death and every impact added should be carefully considered. Right now, too many grizzly bears are killed making their way through the Bow Valley. The leading cause? Train strikes. We must consider ways to retain all the things that keep this place special.   

Providing other ways for visitors and residents to get around is a noble effort in the context of our changing climate. However, that alone isn’t adequate. At this time, we don’t know enough to responsibly weigh the risks with the benefits of a rail line. 

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Josh Welsh, Canmore

Kenney and Jean should get equal play

We UCP friends and family sincerely wish all the media will give equal attention to both Brian Jean and Jason Kenney as they vie for leadership of the UCP. Either of these gentlemen could lose the nomination due to a lack of support as there could be unintentional bias from outside reporting.

Ken Beauchamp, Calgary

Focus on city needs, not federal issues

Re: Gondek wants city to fund challenge of Quebec law banning religious garb, Dec. 16

I wish we had “recall” at the civic level. Our newly elected mayor has misread her mandate: she seems to fancy herself at the federal level, spending all kinds of money on things not germane to the needs of Calgarians.

If she is so keen to spend $100,000 on a legal fight (I don’t have to agree that it’s a bad law)… then take out a loan, support our local credit unions and pay for it yourself.

My property taxes went up 4.9 per cent. My income is not going to go up to cover that. And now, when the CPS needs money, social services needs money, etc., she wants to spend $100,000 of our taxpayer-funded money?

Two words: No way. Walk before you run Madame Mayor. Run the city, look after the city. Coral your council in from their orgy of spending that started right off the mark. Prove yourself here, then if you wish, go provincial or federal.

Israel Lachovsky, Calgary

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