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Re: Reasons behind voter apathy, Letters, March 31

I remember in the late 1970s and ’80s, I would go to bed many times not knowing who won the election or if it was a majority or minority because we hadn’t heard from ridings in Alberta or B.C. In the case of a close election, the West decided and in a sweep, Eastern Canada may have decided.

Then, years ago, the federal government decided to take the complaints of Westerners into account and changed the rules so that, currently, people in the Eastern time zone vote from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and people in Mountain time zone vote from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Everyone now votes at the same time and counts aren’t released until all polls close.

This seems to be a case of complaining about an issue that, if it ever existed in the first place, was resolved decades ago.

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Tim Bilida, Toronto

Stop the cuts

Re: AHS calls for pay cuts in opening contract offer, March 15

Albertans across the province are grateful for nurses and health-care workers. Without them working hard to protect us each day, Alberta’s public health-care system wouldn’t be standing at all.

But nurses and health-care workers are burnt out and we risk losing them and our public health-care system falling apart completely.

Christine Joubert, Calgary

Former officer wore patch to honour, not disrespect

Re: City’s police officers get national support for patch; advocacy group slams Calgary police commission’s ‘thin blue line‘ ban, April 1

As a retired police officer, I wore and displayed the Thin Blue Line insignia long before Black Lives Matter was brought into being. It was a sign of honouring our fallen members and solidarity with our brothers.

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My question is: If someone puts their own meaning on something or a quote, does that mean that the new meaning is right, and deleting the true meaning? If that is the case, then maybe we need to look at a new Canadian flag, as the recent demonstrators are now using our flag in their sometimes violent demonstrations Canada-wide.

I also fly a Canadian flag, but for the reasons the flag was brought into being. It bothers me that demonstrators are using it for their own purposes.

We’re too sensitive

Re: Calls renewed to change name of Calgary’s Sir John A. Macdonald School, March 29

History revision has reached the point of absurdity. It seems all of history is now being viewed through a rather perverse 21st-century lens. What was acceptable in the 19th century is unacceptable 200 years later. This revisionist movement is prepared to grab its pitchforks and torches to right centuries-old wrongs regardless of the facts.

This revisionism is reminiscent of Soviet Russia, China, and North Korea who rewrite history to suit their own purposes. What we are now doing is rewriting history to suit our sensitivities.

Brenton Harding, Calgary

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