Two more arrests in apparent prank threats to six Gatineau high schools

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Two more Gatineau teenagers have been charged in the last 48 hours in a wave of apparent prank threats to area high schools continue to rise.

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A total of three teens have so far been charged.

Six high schools —  du Versant, Mont-Bleu, de l’Île, Nicolas-Gatineau, de l’Érablière and Grande-Rivière — were the targets of threats this week, most of them via social media messages.

While there were no dangerous situations, the threats caused disruptions as schools were evacuated and closed for hours while police investigated.

Gatineau police warn possible pranksters that a criminal offence, even under the youth crimes, can cause them problems for years.

“The section of the Criminal Code stating that it is against the law to make threats to kill or injure a person or animal or to damage property is not a crime of intent,” police said in a release Friday.

“Thus, even if the action is done as a joke or the words were said without actual intent, if the effect of the words spoken was to cause a feeling of fear or dread, the offense is considered to have been committed.”

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Police note that charges will mean a youth file will be created.

“The information contained in such a record remains accessible for a period of time varying from a few months to several years depending on the consequence imposed, even if the individual concerned reaches the age of maturity (18 years) during this period of accessibility.”

All three suspects have been interviewed by investigators and released on a promise to appear with conditions.

Police are maintaining increased surveillance of schools in the territory.

Anyone with information on any threats to school facilities is asked to call the police information line at 819-243-4636, option 5.

The information will be treated confidentially.

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