Today’s letters: On fixing long-term care in Ontario

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Long-term care must change for the better

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Re: The long-term care system in Ontario requires a transformation, May 4.

We all know the current institutional model of care in long-term care homes doesn’t work. How sad it would be for all of us if the model of care did not change to be emotion-based after all the research showing the positive benefits for residents, their families and staff.

A number of long-term care homes, near and far, who have already implemented this transformative model of care have proven it works. Plus, it’s also a recommendation of Ontario’s independent Long-term Care Commission. It’s a logical change. It’s the right change. Seniors deserve this and we all deserve this.

Debbie Seto, Ottawa

Why are pro-choicers afraid of discussion?

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Re: Canada, the fight for abortion rights is not over, May 11.

I am concerned about the one-sided views presented on abortion in the Citizen. Why don’t you give voice to a sizeable minority group who are pro-lifers? They are not all misogynists, bigots, anti-feminists, etc. Most are decent ordinary folk who happen to have a different view from pro-choicers but they are shouted down or ignored by activists.

Yes, abortion is legal in Canada; yes, access should be provided whenever needed; and yes, pro-choicers have legitimate grievances about past, often-horrific cases. But this is the 21st century, health science and care have moved on and there are legitimate reasons in many cases not to have an abortion. These reasons should be listened to and not be branded as necessarily evil or extreme.

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Why are pro-choicers so afraid  to have a serious conversation about some abortion issues?

Rafal Pomian, Ottawa

Abortion is about ethics, not politics

Re: U.S. Supreme Court abortion ruling throws away a half-century of law, May 4.

The matter of legal abortions is not just a “political hot topic”; it is a fundamentally moral and ethical issue. No amount of law can justify denying the right to life, and a society struggling to respect the dignity of human life cannot reasonably support legal abortion over the long haul.

It has never been about the so-called “right to choose”; it has always been about the “right to life,” and that is the honesty required. While some will say that society must evolve and accept change, it is also arguable that some moral and ethical issues are so fundamental that they cannot be altered or destroyed. Perhaps the war in the Ukraine has given us a badly needed “wake-up call.”

Don Pajot, Constance Bay

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