Situation Report 7 – May 2022 : Diplomat Magazine

On the ground, Russian and Belarusian forces continue “demonstrative actions” to fix Ukrainian forces around Kyiv in place.


Russian aviation strikes were carried out against the towns of Khotin and Myropillia on May 7th near Sumy Oblast. 


The Ukrainian counteroffensive along a broad arc north and east of Kharkiv city took further terrain and will likely push Russian forces out of tube artillery range of the city in the coming days. 


Ukrainian forces liberated the village of Tsyrkuny in Ukraine’s ongoing offensive near Kharkiv. 


Russia is continuing to partially blockade the heavily hit city of Kharkiv. Russian shelling intensified in Kharkiv and Kharkiv Oblast, targeting residential areas.


Russian forces continue to struggle to gain ground from Izium to Popasna. 


Russia continued its push in the east of the country destroyed an ammunition depot in Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region. 


Russian forces are focusing artillery and air strikes in support of limited assaults on Orikhiv, Huilaipole, and Velyka Novosilka. The Ukrainian General Staff estimates the main Russia objective in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast is Orikhiv. Orikhiv sits at the crossroads of several major highways and is a vital point of communication for an advance on Zaporizhzhia. 


Russian forces continued their ground assault on the Azovstal steel plant with air support in Mariupol.


Mykolayiv was struck several times today from the air. 


Russian forces continue to reinforce forward positions for a likely resumption of offensive operations to secure the northern and Northwest Kherson Oblast borders.


Russia aims to occupy the whole Kherson Oblast and create favorable conditions to attack the cities of Mykolaiv and Kryvyi Rih.


Ukrainian forces made some advances near Kherson, inflicting losses on Russian forces while also suffering losses of their own. 


Russian forces fired several missiles at Odesa. 


Several explosions were reported on May 7th in the Russia-occupied region of Transnistria. 



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