Situation Report 1 – May 2022 : Diplomat Magazine

Russia carried out missile attacks across southern and eastern Ukraine. 


Governor of Kursk Oblast says that the collapse of a railway bridge in the region reported earlier today was a work of sabotage. 


On the ground, Russian and Belarusian forces continue “demonstrative actions” to fix Ukrainian forces around Kyiv in place.


Russia is also continuing to build up troops in the northeast, intended to partially blockade the heavily hit city of Kharkiv. 


Russian shelling intensified in Kharkiv and Kharkiv Oblast, targeting residential areas. 


Russian troops continue trying to advance in Kharkiv Oblast supported by artillery fire. 


The Ukraine military stopped the Russian advance near Izyum.


Russian forces maintain a steady pace in gaining ground against Ukrainian forces along the Siverskyi Donets Line. 


Russian forces continue shelling of Ukrainian positions along the defensive line running from Vasylivka, through Huliaipole, to Velyka Novosilka. 


Russian troops have stolen all equipment from the infectious disease unit of a hospital in the city of Starobilsk, Luhansk Oblast.


Two grain storage facilities in the region’s Synelnykove District were destroyed but there are no casualties. 


Ukraine said Russian planes continued to launch air attacks on Mariupol, focusing on the Azovstal steelworks. 


Some women and children were evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. 


Russian forces have shifted their activity in the past 48 hours from expanding the Kherson defensive perimeter to consolidating gains made around Oleksandrivka and Tavriiske.


The latest intelligence update from the UK defense ministry says Russia is trying to install a pro-Russian administration in the city of Kherson.


Russian forces try to ‘create conditions’ to advance towards Mykolaiv, Kryvyi Rih. Russia aims to occupy the whole Kherson Oblast and “create favorable conditions” to attack the cities of Mykolaiv and Kryvyi Rih.


Odesa Airport has been hit by several Russian missiles, putting the runway out of action.


Moldova’s intelligence services has said that Russia’s Kilinet hacking group has launched cyberattacks on Moldovan government websites. 


According to the report, a local newspaper in the Russian-occupied part of Moldova will publish an article calling on Putin to involve the Transnistrian forces in Russia’s war on May 2nd.




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