Ottawa in 2021 through the eyes of our photographers

At look back at the year, through the eyes of our photographers

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Photography is the world’s universal language; it captures moments in time, in paints pictures with light, it immortalizes history for the record, it reflects the beauty and pain and levity of our daily lives.

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Our team of talented photographers made thousands of pictures in Ottawa this year, as our city navigated through the second year of a pandemic, documenting lock-downs, partial openings, passing seasons and broken transit systems.

Here’s a look at our photographers’ best photos of 2021.

Featuring work by Tony Caldwell, Ashley Fraser, Jean Levac, Errol McGihon and Julie Oliver — take a look at Ottawa through their eyes and relive some awesome moments from the year.

From protests to nature, they cover our city like no others, so take a look through their lenses along with them.

What’s your favourite frame? Let us know in the comment section.

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