Accused killer testifies he had no idea drug deal would turn fatal

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Calgary manslaughter suspect Victor Braima testified Monday he had no idea the drug deal he brokered for a visiting Saskatchewan farmer would turn into a deadly botched robbery.

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Braima told defence lawyer Andrea Urquhart he didn’t know his high school buddy Sharmarke Mohamed was armed with a handgun with the intention of robbing Sheldon Wolf.

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Instead, Braima said, the two men got into an altercation in his Toyota Scion when Mohamed told Wolf “give me everything you have,” during a Feb. 2, 2020 cocaine sale.

Braima said he met Wolf, who was visiting Calgary with his wife, in the parking lot of Chinook Centre, as he waited for Mohamed, who he knew from their days at Forest Lawn High School.

Wolf paid Braima $40 to drive him and his wife back to the Sandman Hotel in downtown Calgary where they were saying.

But during the drive Wolf brought up the topic of buying cocaine while the accused was on a speaker phone call with Mohamed, who was named by police as a person of interest in the case, but has never been arrested.

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Unsure who was doing the talking, Braima said he turned in the direction of the two men, with Wolf in the front passenger seat and Mohamed sitting behind him.

“I seen him with a grey, shiny gun,” the accused said. “It looked like a revolver.”

But instead of turning over his cash, Wolf got into an altercation with Mohamed.

“Mr. Wolf kind of turned and asked him ‘do you think I’m scared?’”

The victim then grabbed for the gun with his left hand and Mohamed struck him on the side of the head.

“Sharmarke tried to kick him back and after that I heard a gunshot and then two or three more,” Braima said.

He said he helped Mohamed dispose of the body, fearing he too would be shot.

“He said ‘yo drive,’ and I drove,” the accused said.

“I was scared, I was panicking at that time. Honestly I was just trying to survive.”

His testimony before Court of King’s Bench Justice Alice Wooley continues on Tuesday.

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