31 Days, 31 Ways to Make a Difference: No child should be without a home

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Breaking the cycle of homelessness for a family is a complicated task because it can be caused by family poverty, conflict, abuse, illness, trauma and more. But, homelessness is a cycle that can be broken. Inn From the Cold offers housing and support to families to do just that, helping them take steps to independent living. To that end, the agency served 915 family members in its prevention and diversion program last year, provided emergency shelter to 337 family members and helped 359 progress to independent housing.

For each of the 31 days of our 2021 Christmas Fund campaign, we are highlighting a social need or issue in our city. Together, we can make a dramatic difference in the lives of fellow citizens in need.

To help the Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun Christmas Fund support 75-plus charities in our city, please go to, select the charity/charities of your choice, and make your donation. Thank you in advance for helping us help many.

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